Arrival Policy

Here are our Arrival travel to help make traveling more comfortable and convenient.


  • Meeting place and time at Airport

Moss Private Transportation (“MPT” or “the Company”) please read before you go.

All guests are greeted outside of the arrivals terminal by MPT Airport Representative who will be holding a sign with the lead passenger’s name and bearing the Company’s Logo. Once you have cleared Bahamas Immigration and Customs, walk towards the sliding doors leading to the outside of the airport. Look for the Airport Representative who will be standing on the side behind the silver guard rails once you exit. Do not cross the road. The Airport Representative will be wearing a uniform with the Company’s Logo. The Airport Representative will take you to your transportation and introduce you to your driver. The Airport Representative will confirm your departure details and provide you with a departure card. 

For shuttle services please be expected to wait for other passengers who may arrive on your flight or flights that land at the same or near to the time of your arrival as it is a shared shuttle. 

If you are delayed on arrival due to an issue with the airline, baggage, customs or otherwise please contact the Company as soon as possible to let us know you have arrived. We will give you an allowance of 45 minutes after your flight lands for you to show up at the arrival point. If we do not hear from you within that time your arrival will be marked as a Passenger No-show and we cannot guarantee your transportation service. 

  • Meeting place and time at Departure

It is the responsibility of all passengers to wait for the transfer at the location detailed in your booking confirmation voucher, or as otherwise arranged and agreed between you and the Company. You should be at that location at least 15 minutes before the Pick-up Departure Time agreed with, or notified by, the Company.

  • No show by you and/or being late 

If you do not use the Service (for example you are a “no show”) and you have not cancelled your Booking more than 24 hours prior to your pick-up departure time, you will not be entitled to a refund. We will grant you a 15 minute grace period after the agreed Pick-up Departure time before marking you as a “no show”.

If you are more than 30 minutes late for your pick-up departure time we may charge for the extra waiting time and you will be responsible for paying those charges. If you believe that you may be delayed you must contact the Company as soon as possible. Alternative pickup arrangements are subject to the availability of the Company.

  • No show or failed pick up by Company

If we do not arrive to pick you up at the agreed time and location and we have not contacted you about this before your Pick-up Departure Time, you should contact the Company as soon as possible at the email address and telephone contact on your booking form. Please allow the driver and the Company a 15-minute grace period and contact the Company before arranging for alternative transportation. You will be entitled to a full refund if at the fault of the Company, our driver does not pick you up at the designated pick-up area within the designated time. 

  • No show or pick up due to events beyond control of the Company


If the Company does not pick you up for any reason that is not due to the fault of the Company, the driver or is otherwise due to a reason outside the reasonable control of the Company or the driver, or if you are delayed for any reason, this may result in the Company not being able to service your booking. Examples where failure to pick up would not be due to the fault of the Company or the driver include your flight or other transport being delayed or canceled, missed flights or other missed transport connections, traffic or road conditions or incidences, spontaneous mechanical failure, industrial action, adverse weather conditions etc.

If you are delayed or your flight is cancelled or you miss your connection, you must contact the Company as soon as possible. Failure to contact the Company will be considered a Passenger No-show and you will not be eligible for a refund. Should the Company fail to provide the service due to events beyond control of the Company, you will be notified of the same and entitled to a refund on the portion of your service that was not provided. 

  • Travel Insurance

We recommend that you travel with your own travel insurance which is adequate for your needs.

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